Dr. Shirodkar's Products for all Health Motivated people and
Helps Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, Heart, Cholesterol, Obesity


Health Atta


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Dr. Shirodkar’s Food products
address the Need of Diet, which

  • do not raise blood sugar as conventional foods (Low GI)
  • help Reduce Fatigue and Increase Energetic / Enthusiastic Feeling
  • help control Hunger, Weight; better digestion & help in constipation
  • help Control Dyslipidemia (i.e. help lower LDL & Triglycerides )
  • balance Macro & Micro Nutrients
  • offer uncompromised Taste, Variety 
  • is Easy to cook & easily available
  • fits in habits of Indian meals/cooking
  • is also helpful for girls/women
  • in irregular menses, PCOS

Dr. Shirodkar’s Special Dietary Food Products

A Healthy Habit In Daily Meals 

  • Backed by Ayurveda and Research project under Govt. of India
  • Tested Low Glycemic Index as per ISO 26642
  • High dietary fibre – Both Soluble and Insoluble
  • Snack Mix & Drink Powder – Gluten Free as per FSSAI;  Atta – 99.997% gluten free
  • Perfect Balance of Proteins, Carbs & Good Fats …. tested in NABL, FSSAI approved Lab
  • No cholesterol, No Trans fats, No additives/colors/chemicals/preservatives
  • Tested 100% safe in toxicity by pesticides / heavy metals
  • 100% Veg. & Natural; Essential Micronutrients naturally available ( such as Se, Cu, Zn, Niacin, Iron, Mg, P etc. )
  • Consumer Acceptability proven by Standard Sensory Evaluation Study
  • Clinically proven in a Research Project under GOI
  • Regd. as Special Dietary Foods unit under FSSAI
  • International Patent in Process


What our delighted customers say regarding our products & Dr. Shirodkar, MD, PhD in Ayurveda, a Researcher & a Core team Member for Protocol on Diabetes from  Ayurveda by Govt of India…


Recipes For Healthy Atta

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